「portrait」(Photo:Kat Greer)

フォトグラファー「Kat Greer」の作品「portrait」のために作曲しました。





「portrait」/Kat Greer
・Composed,Arranged/Naoki Kanekura

●Music commentary
I was very attracted to the monochrome portrait of the girl holding a rabbit and staring at me.

The song is composed of two parts, and in order to give a monochrome feeling to the photograph, the sound of the piano with the treble part cut throughout and the sound of rain recorded in the car with the treble part cut are used.

In the repeating part, I wanted to add rhythm, so I used the sound of putting a glass cup on the wooden floor.

The song changed from minor to major, and in the part where the strings were inserted, she expressed her beauty and the brilliance of her eyes looking into the future.